Several longer or shorter loops enable you to take a walk (it goes up anyway) or a short hike of about 3 hours (with breaks). The longest ride is approaching 8 km (350 m elevation) where the shorter it takes you to the ruins of the old medieval village that dominates the present town. During your walk, you can discover the medieval remains of the Protestant era but also the hypothetical center of Pangaea (the original single continent). You then observe the uprising of a stratum with a few rare fossils of nearly 250 million years. Obviously the views of the foothills of the Vercors nearby, or the Ardèche mountains west are breathtaking. The view is just magic when the hot lights of a sunset summer sun invading the sky.

Other variants are available to you as the cave of the lady or the area of the Mazouyer.

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Sentier de la découverte