Surely among the 10 Things to see in the world! This staple of South America does not betray the promises of childhood dreams when reaches its peak. The ideal is to walk there and arrive early at the opening of the site. But if you choose train + bus (as 95% of tourists), no one will want you up and you are left forces to explore this beautiful sanctuary legacy of the Inca empire. This place is worth visiting as much for the architectural testimony to an exceptional natural heritage and unspoilt. The train and walking are the only 2 ways to access the site. The influx is important at certain times of the year and can just spoil the fun. Machu Picchu is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 1983, it is located on the ridge between two peaks 2,438 meters above sea level: the Huayna Picchu, meaning "young mountain" and Machu Picchu, meaning " Old Mountain ".

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Machu Picchu

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