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10 Things To See is an online travel guide to find things to see, and to vote for your favorite places or share must-see experiences.



Easily find the 10 things to see (or places to visit) around you and the best sighting places close to your holiday destination.



Plan your visit by creating a custom travel guide, where you will gather your favorite places share them with your friends.



Vote for your favorite places, add photos, comment on them, and offer visits or attractions that are not yet referenced. You can also report on mistakes.

Our Spotlight

Wat Pho - reclining Buddha

Wat Pho - reclining Buddha

The famous, the huge (43 meters long) reclining Buddha! In one of the oldest (and largest) Buddhist temples of Bangkok, is the disturbing statue that will not leave you indifferent. It represents Buddha on his deathbed currently access the parinirvana. It dates from the 19th century but was restored in 1982. It is also found in this temple the birthplace of massage Thaï.

10 Things to See


Start your trip here! Léo, our mascot, will guide you around the world as an online tourist guide.

What is this online tourist guide?

10 Things To See is a collaborative tourist application that allows you to prepare your visits and stays by finding must see places not to be missed in a city or near a tourist destination. Let us tell you more about our story.

How does it work ?

The service lists (and moderates) content added or enriched by its members: places, photos, comments. The originality of the concept lies in the hierarchical presentation of places to visit according to individual votes. Thus, we can present Top 10 recommendations from the community in major tourist destinations such as ParisLondonNew-YorkRomeMoscowMontrealLisbonDublin, Tokyo, LyonMarrakech, Marseille, but ... also unmissable places such as Mont St MichelMachu Picchu, the great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon or the Ayers Rock.

In which countries and in which languages ?

10 Things To See began in France, Rhône-Alpes and ... in French. Now the service is available in 9 languages and others will follow soon. We are gradually opening the service to other countries after France: UK, USA, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Thailand, ... And soon the rest of the world! You can find a list of all the countries covered in this page.

How to join us ?

You can take part in this social network of travelers by listing must-see places in France and around the world. Adding places, photos and comments is obviously subject to Léo's (fast) moderation in order to ensure the service's quality. Once validated, you will find your additions on this Website, the iPhone application and Android application simultaneously. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to leave them here.

Partnership or synergies ?

If you are interested in a partnership or by the technology available in white label, please contact us.